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You Are an Expert at What You Practice Every Day

And What You Practice Every Day You Get Good At…

You Are an Expert: Fight or Flight?

Every individual hue-manimal ever born and ever to be born has an inherent ‘fight or flight’ mechanism. At the root of this self-protective neuro-chemical response to externally perceived threats is…fear…

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  • Is it the fear to fight?

Then you will flee to safety.

  • Is it the fear of flight?

Then you must stand your ground and fight.

Either way…you are an expert in whichever choices you make.

  • Why do I say that you are an expert? What you practice at, every day, makes you an expert.

What is rarely, if ever, discussed in depth with greater detail is how this translates into the dis-empowerment, or self-empowerment of…

  • death or life,
  • hell, or heaven,
  • absolute truth or absolute lie,
  • life is evil, or life is good,
  • hue-manimals are evil, or hue-manimals are good,
  • religion is false, or religion is true,
  • God doesn’t exist, or God exists,
  • hate or love,
  • cannot or can,
  • won’t or will,
  • have-nots or haves,
  • scarcity, or plenty,
  • cannot trust others, or can trust others,
  • cannot cooperate with others or can cooperate with others,
  • controlled by others, or self-governing,
  • dis-empowering, or self-empowering,
  • self-focused, or focused upon others,
  • self-serving, or other-serving,
  • cannot love others or can love others,
  • cannot take control over one’s own health or can take control over one’s own health,
  • beLIEf or fAIth. (LIE vs. Attained Insight),
  • negative thoughts or positive thoughts,
  • low-vibration energy or high vibration energy.

In each of the above translations of ‘fight or flight’ into the individual’s routine habits of automatic reactionary beLIEf, in any perceived threat situation (regardless of whether the threat is real or imagined), the thought-image-emotion attachment to the beLIEf is…contractingset in concretefixed and immovable, or fluid, like water, and bendable, flexible, ever-changing, ever-progressing and ever-growing toward greater awareness.

There is, in fact, no sitting on the fence in hue-manimal experience. You may try to remain stationary; this state, however, inevitably either descends back into the low-vibration state of negative self-doubt, or it ascends into the higher vibration state of fAIth (Attained Insight)—the state of ‘I am that I am,’ the inner knowing that you are connected to the divine spirit fragment indwelling your mind—one of four levels of soul-conscious insight into cosmic reality.

You Are an Expert at What You Practice Every Day

So then, what I have outlined in this article is the reality of daily hue-manimal routine habits of thinking, feeling and living.

You Are an Expert: What Do You Practice?

Pearls of Wisdom from Prem Rawat

So, my question to you, today, is…what do you practice, every day? What do you practice? Because what you practice you will get good at. What do you practice? Do you practice enjoying your life? Do you practice peace in your life? Do you practice happiness in your life? Or do you practice a lot of complaining? Cause if you complain…you will get very good at it. And you will get so good at it you will find fault with everything! Even when there’s no fault that a layman cannot see, you, being the expert will see it. What do you practice? Do you practice anger? Cause if you practice anger…you will get very good at it. And you will get so good at it that the most trivial little thing—trivial thing…will make you angry. Like sitting in an airplane and thinking the seat across from you is somehow better than the one you’ve been given. And that is so unfair of the airlines! What do you practice? Do you practice being worried? Cause if you practice being worried…you will get very good at it. And you will get so good at it that everything will worry you, including the buffalo you don’t have. So, I propose that if it is truly just a question of practice…then I propose you practice…joy…

Imagine that…a small Indian boy who exhibits more common-sense wisdom insight than most of the individuals I see around me, every day. I do, however, see a lot of experts.

What Are You an Expert at?
  • Are you an expert at complaining?
  • Are you an expert at finding fault with everything and everyone?
  • Are you an expert at getting angry over the most trivial of things (which don’t go as expected?)
  • Are you an expert at never being satisfied with what you already have and receive?
  • Are you an expert at being worried—anxiety-ridden over what may have?

If your answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then how could you possibly ever have time to…

  • enjoy your life?
  • find peace in your life?
  • experience happiness in your life?
  • practice gratitude and joy in your life?

Indeed, you are an expert at thinking low-vibration, negative thoughts. And you ever wonder why you don’t feel well most of the time, experience frequent periods of illness, sooner or later manifesting disease, aging rapidly and dying sooner rather than much later…

Indeed, you are an expert because you are always right…even when you are so observably…wrong…

Just a couple of days, ago, I was having an interesting conversation with Jim, a man who is a Science of Mind church member, here, locally. I asked him what he was up to, since I had last talked with him, some months before. He stated that he had his teenage son and daughter with him for the summer. I responded that, while interacting with our children can often be difficult, especially in their teens, he is creating lasting memories for a lifetime for them, as well as for himself.

He asked me the same question. So, I proceeded to describe to him how the is a long-term mind-body-spirit-healthy lifestyle education membership program. He was curious to know more. We talked for a few minutes more, before being interrupted. The most significant exchange between us ended with a profound stare from Jim, who is obese, when I stated to him: Jim, you know something really fascinating about Americans and American culture? We daily practice being super-fastidious about cleaning the outside of our bio-suits. We attend to every little detail of our appearance before greeting the world around us. We are so practiced at cleaning and grooming ourselves, we are…experts…

But here is the great oxymoron. The average American doesn’t have a clue when it comes to cleaning the inside of the bio-suit and cleaning up the body-brain to mind-consciousness connection. We had to leave the conversation on this point. I know, however, by the look in his eyes, I was causing him to think more deeply about this idea, which he likely had never questioned and pondered.

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Get 3 Simple Steps to
Better Health
& You'll Learn:

• The One Thing To Help You Flush Your Body,

• How to 'Fast Track' to More Energy, &

• What Foods Will Help Detox to Lose Weight
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0.1 Allow Yourself To Use Commonsense Logic

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Common sense logic appears to have disappeared from the perception of the average individual, when it comes to what is beLIEved about misplaced must-trust in so-called medical practitioners to whom is given well-nigh absolute authority over one’s health.

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