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As Is Taught the Child…

Why Is It You Never Question What You Were Taught to BeLIEve?

As Is Taught The Child… Do you honestly and sincerely beLIEve what a child is taught to think and what a child is given daily to eat doesn’t have any affect upon their body-brain to mind-consciousness–mental and spiritual health? Do you honestly and sincerely see no connection between

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what you think in your own body-brain to mind-consciousness and what you daily take into your body as having no affect upon your own physical, mental and spiritual health?

  • How were you taught as a child?
  • What were you taught as a child?
  • What did you grow into adulthood beLIEving?
  • What do you beLIEve in the present moment?
  • Have your beLIEfs changed?
  • How have your beLIEfs changed?
  • Has what you were taught to beLIEve leading to greater successes in your life?
  • Or is what you were taught to beLIEve leading to failure after failure, deeper unhappiness, depression, hopelessness and ill health–disease and a sense of foreboding–impending mental and health crisis?
  • Who did you mimic most as a child–dad, mom, brother, sister, grandma, grandpa, uncle, aunt, cousin, neighborhood friend–all of these people in your childhood experiences and more
  • Who are you teaching your child to mimic? Are you even aware that your child is mimicking you and others in his or her early experiences?
  • Is this mimicking you observe in your child positive mimicking or potentially self-destructive and evil mimicking?
  • Do you know what are examples of positive and self-destructive mimicking?
  • Have you ever thought about teaching mental balance training to your child?
  • Of what would such a teaching mental balance training to your child consist?

As a child, you were taught that it is not okay to ask deeper and penetrating questions about your own life, and indeed, about the meaning of life itself. Your fear of asking questions has, in effect, greatly retarded your emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and most significantly, the growth of your evolving mortal soul.

You privately narrate your own story to yourself, day and night, even in your dreams. The focus upon your own 1,001 daily details of busy-ness living never stops. Your whole life is an evasion of the truth you fear to face about the life you are living and how the life you are living is not who you truly are, but the life you were programmed to live, where you fear to ever stop long enough and think deeply enough to question whether the life you are living is based in truth or falsehood.

And so…your life is one long and endless insanity feedback loop, where you endlessly running in place on your own private inner hamster treadmill, where every external authority is continuously telling you to keep on running in place, doing the same routine over and over; you must not stop; you must not question the insanity of the beLIEf system which imprisons you there.

You grow more obese and unhealthy with each passing day. You go to your family ‘practicing physician,’ who has you on multiple prescription poisons, which never help you, if temporarily, which ‘poison pill therapy’ you must never question.

The root source of your increasing unhealthiness is not even the abundant variety of sickness-causing foods you eat. The root cause is even beyond the beLIEfs which imprison your thinking and your actions. The root cause is not even the fear which keeps the beLIEf system rigidly in place which keeps your thinking rigidly fixed and unchanging. No. It is even deeper than these symptoms of the fear-retarding effects upon your ‘endless insanity loop’ living.

The ‘root origin’ of such a life not well-lived is…willful ignorance and apathy…out of which fear takes root and grows into a body-mind prison life sentence. You have the free will to make a different choice. You are mentally lazy. You refuse to think beyond the limits of your beLIEf system. It is far easier to let others do your thinking for you. It is far easier to hide behind the external authority of parents, education system, doctors, Tell-LIES-Vision media programming-indoctrination, science, religion and the government. When there are so many others, who are in authority over you, telling you what to think and beLIEve, why would you ever need to exert the great effort required to think for yourself?

  • How many questions have I asked in this article?

As is taught the child…so goes the family, the tribe, the neighborhood, the community, the town, the city, the region, the state, the nation, and ultimately…the whole of hue-man civilization. This is the true and accurate picture of why, as a civilization, we are heading right over the cliff into the abyss, due to our abundance of ideas and warring ideologies, but almost wholly lacking in ideals which would unify us into a civilization that would dare to venture beyond into pulling together to solves the myriad of crises we are presently facing.

The growing number of Courses being entered into the How To Eat Healthy For Life Gold Membership is all about recognizing how you are presently dis-empowering yourself, and how the day by day gradual loss of health–loss of quality of life is the direct manifestation of dis-empowerment. Whereas we teach you how to recognize your own dis-empowerment, we are teaching you how to empower yourself with applied knowledge–how to take baby steps leading to taking back control over your health and the whole of your life–which leads to inner balance between body, mind, spirit and soul.

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3.1 Introduction to the Course


3.1 Introduction to the Course

Get 3 Simple Steps to
Better Health
& You'll Learn:

• The One Thing To Help You Flush Your Body,

• How to 'Fast Track' to More Energy, &

• What Foods Will Help Detox to Lose Weight
**We Respect Your Privacy - Your Information is Guaranteed Secure**


Before anything else, changing your mindset is the first aspect that you need to consider when it comes to weight loss.

Your weight loss plan will not be successful if you fail to pay attention to your way of thinking. Learning to pay attention–becoming the keen observer of self and others involves a deliberate decision to allow yourself to grow beyond your self-limiting system of beLIEfs.

It is time to begin advancing your self-awareness in this regard.


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Timothy Ray Walls

The Author, Timothy Ray Walls, began writing in High School, continuing on at University, and has never stopped writing. His books and publications are available, as well as a broad based University Education Training program in the Categories of Healthy Living, Self-Development, and Inner Balance, at: https://howtoeathealthyforlife.com/.

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