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  • You’re not seeing the changes you expected once you’ve started your journey, or
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Answers to common concerns of our customers & members:

1. Logging in to access your course, training, or membership:

Monthly Membership

  • Navigate your web browser to
  • Enter your login credentials that were emailed to you when you registered for your monthly membership
  • If you lost or forgot your password, CLICK HERE **Your email you used to register is required**

Single Product Purchases

  • Navigate to your inbox and locate the ‘Here’s Your Step by Step Detox Course…’ email you received when you made your purchase.
  • The first time you access your course you’ll be required to ‘Create Your Account ‘: 
  • If you lost or forgot your password, click the link above and ‘Forgot Password?’ link at the bottom of the page  **Your email you used to register is required**

2. Upgrading from a single course to the monthly membership:

If you purchased any of our individual courses, trainings, or products, you have the opportunity to upgrade your purchase to the monthly How To Eat Healthy For Life membership with access to ALL of our courses and trainings PLUS exclusive member-only events, community, and support.

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3. Getting results – if you’re not seeing the results you want:

First, we want you to be proud of yourself for recognizing the truth. Your results (how you look and feel) are crucial in transforming your health. If you’re not seeing/feeling the results you want, there are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you consuming empty calories – sugar/alcoholic drinks (soda – even diet soda, juices, fancy coffees, ‘ade-s’, beer or wine or liquor, etc.), fast food, high fat/oily foods (chips, crackers, microwave popcorn), or frozen meals laden with preservatives?
  • Do you get regular exercise or do you lead a mostly sedentary lifestyle? It is always advised to consult your physician prior to beginning any exercise routine – see the full medical disclaimer.
  • Am I willing to give up specific aspects of my diet and lifestyle to reach the results I want? How important is your health to you, anyway? If you’re not willing to make a small change today that leads to losing weight, more energy, and feeling better, How To Eat Healthy For Life may not be right for you.

Next, have you laid your personal ‘foundation ‘ for health? This is included with your monthly membership – detoxing your body, fasting to restart, and adjusting your daily food intake – your on boarding process. If not, the How To Eat Healthy For Life monthly membership (including members only community and support) may be right for you.

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If you’ve purchased an individual product or training, you can find bonus materials and exclusives at the URL found in the beginning of your course.

Finally, join the community! Support and encouragement are crucial aspects to any successful transformation in life, especially something as important as your health!

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4. I NEED personal attention (coaching) to reach my health & lifestyle goals:

You’re not alone! Habits take a long time to create and may take even longer to change.

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If you need further assistance, please contact us here.