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Specialized Skills and Circular Reasoning Vs. True Character

A Vast Number of Individuals will be Repeating the Same Destructive Cycles Over and Over, Again, for the Whole of their Lives… Is Specialized Skills and Circular Reasoning, without Spiritual Capacity the Obvious Cause?

It will never occur to them to ever question why these same insanely repetitive, self-destructive cycles of behavior are continually occurring in their life path progress. This is the typical course of the tragic life lived on Urantia (Earth.)

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Let us consider the deeper meaning of the following principle, one of twenty-eight from The Urantia Book, and which principles I chose to live by, beginning in 1979:

(556.3) 48:7.3 1. A display of specialized skills does not signify possession of spiritual capacity. Cleverness is not a substitute for true character.

As well, I introduced a new way of looking at these 28 principles of mortal decision-making and conduct, by identifying the key words within the statement and connecting them to the cosmic levels of body, mind, spirit and soul. 

It is important to realize and understand that the development of specialized skills and cleverness is our human starting point. Conversely, if specialized skills and cleverness do not lead to spiritual capacity and true character, they are, not only a dead end, they may eventually lead to the death of the soul, which is permanent—eternally permanent.

It is the greatly shortened version of specialized skills and cleverness versus spiritual capacity and true character, I want to explore further with you.

What is a Real-Life Example of Specialized Skills and Cleverness versus Spiritual Capacity and True Character?

Have you ever met and known a doctor, who is traditionally religious, or alternatively holistic and spiritually minded? Conversely, have you ever met and known a doctor, who is a self-declared atheist?

We live on a very backward and primitive, spiritually degraded planet, which puts great emphasis–life and death emphasis on the acquisition of knowledge, specialized skills and cleverness–to compete and get ahead of our fellow beings. Do we not?

In our example, one of almost endless examples, it takes approximately eleven to twelve years (if you count residency) of intensive study to become a licensed family practitioner, longer if you are becoming a specialist, for example, a neurosurgeon requiring an average of 17 years. 

With such an intensive schedule of knowledge and specialized skill acquisition, what time does the family practitioner or neurosurgeon have for development of an understanding of how knowledge and specialized skill relate to holism–the relatedness and interdependence of all the parts of the system that is the whole of the human body, mind and spirit?

If your answer is little to no time, you have perceived well the truth of entering such a profession. 

The education system, itself, is little more than an idiot mill for erasing the former identity, reprogramming the minds of individuals,  and spitting them out the other end, as licensed educated, but standard run of the mill ducks, who quacker back to the public, without any true understanding of the health of the whole body, what they have been programmed to beLIEve they know.

It’s worse than even what I previously stated. Great emphasis is put upon learning how to properly diagnose a patient’s symptoms for the dispensing of poisons—pharmaceutical drugs. I have had the dubious privilege of watching a family doctor, in his or her office, sitting at the computer, and using the software provided to him or her, by the pharmaceutical company, which does all the diagnosing for the so-called doctor. 

All the doctor must do is match the symptoms to the pharmaceutical tables and write out a prescription for the proper dosage. No real diagnosis is required. No real understanding of how health relates to the effects of diet upon the inter-relatedness of the parts of the system is required.

And would it not ever be tempting, or become just standard mindless protocol to write the prescription which has the highest back end ‘kickback’ from the Big Pharma, giving little to no consideration of whether it is an immoral act—a violation of the ‘First Principle’ of so-called Medicine, to ‘First, Do No Harm?” How is treating symptoms with poisons upholding the ‘First Principle’ of Medicine— ‘First, Do No Harm?’

So, when we look at the whole of the medical industry, it is devoid of morality and spirituality; it is corrupt to the core. And any system, which is so deranged, is also…insane… It is the very definition of evil…

BeLIEve or dis-beLIEve what I am saying, it does not make what I am telling you, any the less true.

  • Now, have you ever met or known of a family practitioner, or neurosurgeon, who either left the industry, or crossed over to found his own holistic treatment practice, wherein the emphasis suddenly shifted from pharmaceutical drugs to total emphasis on the quality of the food and water you intake into your body, as well as supplementing the daily eating of natural, organic foods with herbs, meditation and increasing spirituality–leading to a state of greater inner peace and happiness–truer character?

I further want to make the clarification that what I have said regarding the specialized education and training of doctors and the medical industry, does not imply anything about the morality of individuals choosing this profession.

But upon entering any path in life which has become an institution of corruption, the individual almost always and inevitably…becomes corrupted…to be accepted into the Hive Mind…

Within every evil philosophy and system lie the seeds of its own destruction. And many doctors have quit their profession, after struggling with the blatant immorality of their decisions involving patient care.

The daily news, across the media universe, is filled with headlines of people displaying specialized skills and cleverness in acts of immorality.

Any of the following ring a bell regarding specialized skills and cleverness?

  • thief
  • bank robber
  • forgerer
  • serial killer
  • serial liar
  • arsonist
  • murderer
  • rapist
  • porn star
  • human trafficker
  • kidnapper
  • serial cheater
  • politician
  • serial hoarder
  • pimp
  • pusher
  • doctor
  • banker
  • CEO
  • corporations
  • governments
  • popes
  • cardinals
  • preachers
  • pastors

And the list goes on and on, almost ad infinitum…

It is accurate to say that U.S.A. American society is a culture based on competition and materialism, worships specialized skills to attain to sophisticated levels of cleverness to get one up over all of one’s fellow beings—even over the whole of hue-man civilization. Achieving top alpha stardom is celebrated in the movies, in the media on the TV. Through the public education system, becoming a mindless clone debases the human status to the level of glorifying stupidity levels of hue-man mediocrity. The display of stupid hue-manimal behaviors and general ignorance of anything that has importance and value is glorified. Individualism and creativity get a failing grade every time they rise to the surface. This cream is to be skimmed off and washed down the drain where the mediocrity of the Hive Mind is absolute.

What about the other end of the spectrum of where spiritual capacity and true character dominated the life of the individual?

  • Jesus of Nazareth
  • Elijah the Prophet
  • Herodotus
  • Plato
  • Xenophon
  • Thucydides
  • Aristotle
  • Augustine
  • Al-Farabi
  • Halevi
  • Maimonides
  • Aquinas
  • Machiavelli
  • Shakespeare
  • Hobbes
  • Spinoza
  • Locke
  • Hume
  • Buddha
  • Einstein

The other names are on the list, under Jesus and Elijah, were at the very least great thinkers. I can’t think of any individual where both spiritual capacity and true character were dominant throughout the lifetime of the individual other than Jesus of Nazareth.  

The bottom line is that learning how to be clever, in the development and display of specialized skills, begins at home—with the child mimicking what he or she sees the parents, siblings, and others do. If individual development ends with specialized skills and cleverness, without moral training, witnessing immoral acts and is himself or herself abused by those he or she trusts, the individual will often also end up being godless, and subsequently, having low or no morality—conflicted—ever-momentarily dealing with his or her own internal civil war—a heaven or hell complex—a life of insanity. 

The greatest study in true character is Jesus of Nazareth, his life and teachings, as they are presented in The Urantia Book. Almost one thousand pages are dedicated to the narrative of the true story of the life and teachings of the greatest human being to ever walk the earth, who was-is also, Michael, the Sovereign Creator Son of our Local Universe of Nebadon, God incarnate in a human being.

Religion is nothing more of less, but exactly the increasingly self-conscious soul discovering the Divine Source within…and following the leading of the whispers of the Divine Indweller, the Thought Adjuster, to the soul during the brief course of the hue-manimal ‘bio-suit’ experience…

I live what I teach. And if you have a desire to learn how to transform yourself into a healthy person, one who may remain free of all illness and disease for the whole of your experience in the mortal material bio-suit, join with me, as I teach you step by step how to change your perceptions and change your life:

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3.2 How To Begin


3.2 How To Begin

Get 3 Simple Steps to
Better Health
& You'll Learn:

• The One Thing To Help You Flush Your Body,

• How to 'Fast Track' to More Energy, &

• What Foods Will Help Detox to Lose Weight
**We Respect Your Privacy - Your Information is Guaranteed Secure**


Instead of thinking about weight loss negatively, you must become committed in saying “I will; I can and I will succeed!”

You will be more confident while saying each of these things to yourself once you learn how to change your mind set. To motivate yourself, you should know the value of motivation and how it can help you achieve your goals.

Understand clearly and in no uncertainty that motivation is not a one time event. Motivation is something you do, upon arising and throughout your day, even when you wake up during the night. Motivation is a continual habit and process in my daily experience. Let it be so in your life, as well. And be prepared to see amazing results!


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