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The Law of Attraction – Secret Wealth Attraction Formula

This is actually a Formula to Attract the Best of Everything into Your Life


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The Law of Attraction: The Most Meaningful Questions to Ask

The questions you ought to be asking yourself with regard to the law of attraction:

  • Ever wonder why nothing ever seems to change in your daily experience?
  • Why do your dreams of a better life never materialize?
  • Why do the goals you set for yourself always and ever seem to slip away and remain just out of reach?
  • Why does seemingly the best of everything come so easily to others around you, but not to you?

There is a simple law and a simple formula, the first step of which is…

1. You must make the daily effort to become highly aware of what you are thinking and saying, both privately to yourself and verbally to all others with whom you interact.

Let’s face it. Most of hue-man thinking smells like a dirty toilet boil or even worse—like an outhouse.

  • Ever used an outhouse?
  • Have you ever considered the possibility that the thoughts, feelings and memories you are routinely attached to have the same odor about them as a festering, maggot-filled, steaming pile of hue-man urine and crap?
  • Would you ever dare to admit this to yourself?
  • Are you aware that you are thinking, verbalizing and feeling negative thought-images about 70,000 times each day?

the law of attractionSome recent research studies have concluded that the average individual is holding onto, thinking and speaking MORE than 70,000 negative thoughts each day!

You likely hear yourself thinking, saying and feeling these negative thoughts and are simply not aware that you do this to yourself—dis-empowering yourself.

Even worse is the fact that these are the same negative and dis-empowering thoughts and feelings over and over again and again—insanity—an insane level of automatic behavioral response within yourself and to everything and everyone outside of yourself. WOW! How self-destructive is that!

A few common examples of this automatic negative dis-empowering language:

  • Nothing ever works out for me.
  • I’m not good enough.
  • I don’t have enough smarts—enough education.
  • The timing sucks for everything I ever try to make happen.    
  • Everything my dad (mom) said about me is true.
  • Good things happen to other people, but not to me.
  • I don’t trust ______.
  • I just feel ______ is going to stab me in the back.
  • I will never get over what she (he) did to me. (He) she is not my friend.
  • I will never let ______ back into my life.
  • All men ever want is _______.
  • All women ever want is _______.
  • There are no ______ people in the world.
  • This country is going to hell in a hand basket.
  • Everyone and everything are corrupt. I am just looking out for number one. I will get what is owed to me, no matter what it takes.
  • I am so angry at _______ I could kill him.
  • One of these days, when the opportunity presents itself, I am going to give ______ a piece of my mind. I will let ______ know exactly what I think of him (her).

The list, in all reality, is endless. All you really have to do to prove to yourself what I am saying to you is to open your eyes and ears.

The Law of Attraction: What is Dis-empowerment?

The current crisis of division in America is a programmed from birth self-dis-empowering crisis.

  • So, what do I mean by dis-empowerment?

When you are continually thinking negative thought-image-feelings, and this is where your focus is, day and night, twenty-four seven—you are, in actuality, shutting yourself down—killing yourself with your negative thoughts, images and feelings.

Until you allow yourself to become…self-aware…that this is what you are doing to yourself and make the decision that you deserve more—even the very best that life itself has to offer—nothing changes—nor will it ever change in your life-path progression and experiences.

The Law of Attraction: Stop Crawling through Life!

You may as well be down on your knees—crawling through life—daily begging at the table of plenty enjoyed by all those to whom you ever-momentarily give away your self-empowerment. Those individuals, businesses and corporations you empower daily drain you of your enthusiasm, your energy and inner vision of ever having a better life—a healthier life—a higher standard of living. You don’t deserve anything better. Remember? You don’t beLIEve in yourself. And no one beLIEves in you.

You never ask any questions deeper than “How are you, today?” You dis-empower yourself when anyone asks you “How are you, today?” by saying: “I’m okay.” “I’m good.” “I’m not good.” “I don’t feel very well.” “I’m tired.” “I’m low-energy today,” and on and one with one dis-empowering thought-image-feeling after another.

Every time life knocks you down you stay down—crawling through life—not even daring to look your fellow beings in the eyes for more than just a split-second glance. What a cowardly way to live!

Stand up like a man of moral stamina and true character! Stand up like woman of moral stamina and true character! I am telling you: moral stamina and true character demands recognition that you DO DESERVE EVERY GOOD THING THAT LIFE HAS TO OFFER? Do you hear me?

The Law of Attraction: What is the True Meaning?

The law of attraction with regard to the secret wealth attraction formula does not refer to material wealth, alone. It refers to the totality of the wealth of your being.

  • What is this totality of wealth?

The totality of one’s wealth includes, but not limited to, all of these and more:

  • A life whose center is the indwelling divine spirit of the Paradise Father of all.
  • A life of true inner religion based in the act of trusting the leading of this divine inner spirit, listening with the stillness of mind, and acting upon one’s on inner light of truth.
  • Positive thinking—thoughts, images and emotions are wealth.
  • A healthy body—not just healthy one day, one week, one month, one year, but optimally healthy for every decade of precious life-experiences.
  • Not just positive thinking in all of its different aspects, perspectives, philosophies, perspectives and applications, but clean thoughts and clean habits of living both within and externally.
  • Stabilized neural energy throughout the body-brain to mind-consciousness connection.
  • Balanced chemical functioning throughout the body-brain to mind-consciousness connection.
  • Meaningful family relationships with grandparents, parents, siblings and beyond.
  • Meaningful social relationships and connections.
  • Meaningful close friendships.
  • Applied knowledge in the development of meaningful and productive skill sets.
  • Success in one’s endeavors to acquire wealth shared with one’s family members and bestowed upon the lives of others to improve their knowledge applied to development of skills sets to improve their own lives and the lives of their families and communities.

The above by no means exhausts the wealth that is ours to the law of attraction 2claim by right of divine inheritance. The truest meaning of the law of attraction has nothing whatsoever to do with money accumulation. It has everything to do with one’s inner vision of the wealth of ideas, principles by which to live and prosper, and one’s relationship to the bountiful wealth abundance within and the divine right of inheritance to lay claim to the treasure house, which is readily opened when the right questions are asked.



Timothy Ray Walls

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