how to be more self-aware

The Fear-Bound Mind

The Robotic Hue-manimal Being

The fear-preoccupied mind is ever-momentarily busy with 101 mostly meaningless details of daily living. This is what I call the…dead

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center-of-hue-manimal consciousness–the mechanical hue-male and hue-female living out the self-sabotage of old programming–stimulus-response, which 

requires no real thinking–set to auto-pilot–the almost wholly mechanical life.

  • What do you have to do inside of your  body-brain to mind-conscious to be more self-aware?

And When You Crash…If You Survive…Only then Will Come the Sad Realization of the Truth that You Gave Away ALL OF YOUR POWER of SELF-CONTROL, to the external authorities, your controllers, who only see you as a numerical value with a $ sign in front of it.

  • Is there…”something wrong with the world?”
  • Or is there something wrong with You?
  • Is what you see wrong with the world, in reality, what you see wrong within yourself?
  • How honest with yourself are you, really?
  • Are you still waking up, every day, showering or taking a bath in chemical poisons?
  • putting on makeup which contains chemical poisons?
  • spraying or rubbing on perfume and cologne which is pure chemical poison?
  • turning on the TV right away to catch the morning poison-stream media news,
  • or your favorite TV show, which is pure mental poison?
  • addicted to TELL-LIES-VISION mind-control programming?
  • preparing a breakfast primarily consisting of GMO cereals which contain chemical poisons?
  • cow’s milk which contains chemical poisons?
  • toast, bacon and eggs which contain chemical poisons?
  • coffee with sugar or artificial sweetener in it, both of which are chemical poisons?
  • drinking tap water which is full of chemical poisons?
  • grabbing a Coke, Pepsi, or other carbonated beverage to drink on the way to work, full of sugar, artificial sweetener—both of which are chemical poisons?
  • Are you still eating at fast food restaurants—junk food—full of chemical poisons?
  • Are you snacking on chocolate candy or other candies, chewing gum, potato chips, cookies and any other form of snack food, throughout the day—pure chemical poisons?
  • Do you just grab whatever tastes good from the grocery shelves, without so much as a second thought, or question as to what you are putting into your mouth or the mouths of your children—DAILY OVERDOSING on chemical poisons?
  • Are you addicted to smoking tobacco and hallucinogenics—chemical poisons?
  • Are you addicted to alcohol—chemical poison?
  • Are you addicted to sugar itself—white death–chemical poison?
  • Are you addicted to watching TV and/or listening to the radio—emotional, mental and spiritual poison?
  • Do you mindlessly believe whatever the government tells you is the truth—emotional, mental and spiritual poison?
  • Do you mindlessly support government policies and actions, at home and abroad, without question—emotional, mental and spiritual poison?
  • Do you take whatever chemical poison pills your doctor prescribes for you, without so much as a single question as to what you taking into your body?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above…you are…”asleep at the wheel.”

  • Why do you live your life as though you have neither a mind nor the ability to ask yourself the deeper and more, even the most important questions regarding your body-mind, spirit and soul health?

Do You Give Away Most or ALL of your God-given Authority to Others?

Others are doing the driving. Others are in control of your life—your past, present and future… You are the puppet, controlled by the strings of your own weak and selfish ego-desires, as these desires are manipulated by those, who knowingly commit the evil acts of manipulating for greed-profit, coupled to the lust for power and control over the emotional and intellectual desires of the masses and you. In reality, you are little more than a hue-man mind-controlled bot in the hue-manimal farm controlled by the elite rich, who own virtually everything. You are the hue-man farm animal that is given a pen to live in, as long as you obey. You are the worker bee in the…mind-hive…

  • Is this all you are?
  • Doomed to live a pre-programmed life of a living energy-system machine?
  • Does it really matter what you beLIEve within this matrix of mind-control?

How to Be More Self-Aware: The Ego-driven Life…

When the individual personality is controlled by the egoistic, self-centered consciousness of the intellectual mind, it is easy for the individual personality to be controlled by everything external.

How to be more self-aware must inevitably involve the realization of one living a mechanical (sleeping) existence–having lived and continuing to live a life of unconsciously giving away one’s power to almost all external authorities–empowering those who so easily know how to control the ego-centered mind (5 senses= mechanical mind), and a be-LIE-life based on mind-fear-paralysis powerlessness (self-dis-empowerment), an embryonic soul tethered to the mind-control of authority, having little or no concept of self-correction, self-control, self-direction, and self-mastery. This describes the be-LIE-f driven life of the struggle and resulting anxiety–internal civil war–which greatly distorts the body-brain to mind-consciousness connection.

It is only when the individual exercises the power of choosing to NOT empower—BUY into

  • mainstream media influences,
  • the poisonous commercial products promoted by mainstream media,
  • the poisonous propaganda products sold to the gullible by government,
  • the meat and dairy industries,
  • the GMO “Frankenstein food industries,”
  • the make up, cologne and perfume industries,
  • the satanic messages of Hollywood movies and TELL-LIES-VISION programming, and
  • the satanic sound stage music performance industries,
  • the fraudulent medical industries,
  • the godless messages of science,
  • religious, spirituality and philosophical belief new age and metaphysical beLIEf systems,
  • the Big Pharmaceutical industries,
  • the manufactured “fake food” industries,
  • the fast food industries, and
  • big pharmaceutical corporations,

the individual truly begins to empower the self–the true self–the sincere and genuine personality–person he or she is–a person of truer character, manifesting inwardly from the heart outwardly into the world.


To what and whom do you daily give away your financial, emotional, mental and spiritual power—these become your gods—these become your objects of worship—these become…YOUR ENSLAVER…and YOU BECOME THE ADDICTED SLAVE!



After all…isn’t it easier to remain…asleep at the wheel…than to put out all of the hard emotional, mental and spiritual effort…to…CHANGE…STOP BEING AN ADDICTED SLAVE TO YOUR PERSONAL HABITS OF THE MATERIAL EXISTENCE?

Isn’t it interesting that the words – self-awareness  – did not appear in the English language until 1880?


Definition of self-awareness
: an awareness of one’s own personality or individuality

First Known Use of self-awareness 1880

How to Be More Self-Aware: Overcoming and Stepping Beyond Fear is the Act of ‘Allowing’ Yourself to ‘Be More’

In my fourth year of life a mean-spirited first cousin tried to drown me by sticking my head into a toilet and holding it there. Had my dad not heard my muffled choking, I would not be here, today. During my first 12 years of growing toward greater maturity, I had a deep set fear of water.

In my twelfth year of life, I was attending Boy Scout summer camp. The second day there, my squad was called to the piers of the lake. The Scoutmaster asked which of us knew how to swim. Six hands were raised. He then asked the six to take several steps back, leaving six of us who could not swim. The Scoutmaster informed us that we six would learn to swim before leaving the piers. He then proceeded to come up behind me and pushed me into the lake water. I swam dog-paddle style back to the piers. I was no longer afraid of the water.

In that moment I not only moved beyond a deep set fear…I became more…

Often the experience of moving beyond the fear of habit-reaction patterns involves a ‘crucible’ or ‘crisis’ experience. But short of a personal health crisis, the health crisis of a loved one, the loss of a loved one, or your own near-death experience…

How would you–why would you ever bother to stop your busy-ness life of focusing on your 1,001 five senses–mechanical and less meaning–shallow details of living long enough to ever formulate the following questions:

  • Why do I never question whether the life I am living is truly mine, by choice, or one chosen for me by others, whose assumed authority over me, I am too fearful to ever challenge?
  • How would I ever perceive that I am ‘enslaved’ to the pre-programmed ‘system of beLIEfs’ of others, whom I accept hook, line and sinker as their having the authority to ‘decide for me’  as to how to think, what to think, what to feel, and what to beLIEve, when I am not self-aware enough to know I have the sovereign free will gift of choosing, thus, making a decision.
  • Why do I fear to question and ever go against the will of those who assume to have authority over my life path progression?
  • Why am I living my life like a pre-programmed robot?

The majority of my fellow hue-manimal beings sometimes stand at the door–but have no concept that asking questions is equal to ‘knocking on the door…’

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2.1 Introduction to the Fight Disease with Food Course


2.1 Introduction to the Fight Disease with Food Course

Get 3 Simple Steps to
Better Health
& You'll Learn:

• The One Thing To Help You Flush Your Body,

• How to 'Fast Track' to More Energy, &

• What Foods Will Help Detox to Lose Weight
**We Respect Your Privacy - Your Information is Guaranteed Secure**


Is this just some crazy idea?
The food you eat does not really matter–food is food?
Why is it that one person chooses to think healthy thoughts, eat healthier foods, and live healthier from day to day and is never sick?
Why is it that another unwittingly poisons the body-mind connection every day, is always sick, manifests a disease, and dies at a much younger age?


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