Thank you for your business! We exist for one reason, your success. If you don’t succeed, we have failed.

Every product we offer carries a 30 day no questions asked, fool-proof, 100% money back guarantee. Simply send and email to with the following information:

  1. Your full name, product purchased (with amount), and email you made the purchase with – this is important!
  2. Your reason for requesting a refund – we’ll send it right away, and
  3. Snapshots of your completed 7 Day Detox Challenge Workbook, your camera phone works great.

That’s It!

We’ll get your refund sent out right away once we receive your email request – but MAKE SURE to include all three of the parts above or there may be a delay. Refunds are typically issued within 24 hours.

Again, we appreciate your business, and we’re sorry to see you go!

One more thing…

If there is anything we can do to make it right with you (besides a refund), we are more than happy to discuss your individual circumstances and find a custom solution. Please email either of us personally – or

To Your Health!

Timothy R. Walls & Jordan Mardis

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