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Get Well Soon… Easier Said than Done When Daily Destroying Your Health

Why is it You Are Daily Destroying Your Health?

get well soon 1Get Well Soon… Such a commonly used phrase in our culture, as used on cards which have only a surface meaning. Why is it we find it acceptable to say, even at a surface level…”Get well, soon,” but never use the phrase as an ‘I am” declaration of attaining to and maintaining a state of optimal health and well-being?

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  • How many “sorry to hear you are sick” cards have you received during your life?
  • How many “get well soon” cards have you received during your life?
  • If you could but step outside of yourself to observe the whole of your life up to this present moment, would you not undoubtedly see tell-tale patterns as to why you are so often sick and why you may already be manifesting a dis-ease?
  • How could you possibly ever “get well soon” and stay well, when you continually hold a concept of getting sick and being ill in the connection between your body-brain and mind-consciousness?
  • Were you to clearly see the reasons why you are sick most of the time and dis-eased, would you choose to live your life differently, could you go back and take advantage of the opportunity to make different decisions?
  • Would you, for example, observe that you were and are still eating crap foods each day—foods which have little to no nutrition, but you eat, anyway, just because they “taste good?”
  • Would you perchance observe how often you didn’t feel good after a meal at McDonald’s or other favorite fast food restaurant, but chose to ignore how the food made you sick, even though it “tasted good” at the time?
  • Would you not also observe how that you were always hungry just an hour after eating your favorite crap food meal?
  • Would it not be obvious to you that you often felt lethargic (no energy) and depressed after eating junk food meals, whether in a restaurant or at home?
  • Would you not question your own sanity when you witnessed how you were getting more overweight with each passing month, year and decade of your short life on Earth?
  • Would you not also wonder why you were so willing to trust your family doctor, when all he or she really did was charge you $185-$286 for 15 minutes of god-like advice, while treating your symptoms with a poison pill prescription? ($286 X 4=$1,144.00 per hour – hardly an overstatement. Doctors are profit-motivated, not healing-motivated.)
  • And would you not wonder if you were just plain stupid for being so stubbornly and willfully ignorant regarding the simple act of setting aside time each day to educate yourself regarding how to eat healthier and become healthier in both mind and body?

In 1979, I reached a crisis-point where my health was rapidly declining at 29get well soon 2 years of age. Making a life-changing decision—then acting sincerely and with dedication—committing to reprogramming my body-brain to mind-consciousness connection turned my life around one hundred and eighty degrees from where it was.

And in looking back upon the life I was living, in one way or another, I asked myself every question listed above.

You have the freedom to make such a life-changing decision before it is made for you. But whether you are right in the decisions you make or whether you are wrong…you will always and ever be right, until a crisis experience proves you, in reality, wrong after all…

Timothy Ray Walls

The Author, Timothy Ray Walls, began writing in High School, continuing on at University, and has never stopped writing. His books and publications are available, as well as a broad based University Education Training program in the Categories of Healthy Living, Self-Development, and Inner Balance, at:

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