Digestive problems

Digestive Problems Directly Related to Commercially Processed, Junk and Fast Foods

Manufactured Foods and Commercially Processed Meats Are Full of Sugar, GMOs, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Salt, Deadly Preservatives, Hormones and Prescription Poisons


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Fact: Nearly 50% of ALL Americans eat fast food every day. This is the direct source of all digestive problems.

Questions to Consider:

  • Why?
  • Going from a 2nd job to a 3rd job?
  • No time to cook meals?
  • Just easier to…eat on the run?
  • Sugar and high fructose corn syrup addiction—unable to taste healthy foods?
  • Salt addiction—high salt content in foods leads to increased consumption of deadly high sugar sodas and milk shakes?
  • Feel like you are starving to death so must keep repeating this zombie feeding cycle?
  • Digestive problems leading to heartburn—acid reflux—choking, coughing, susceptibility to colds, flu, Diabetes, fatty liver disease, pneumonia, heart disease, stroke, and colon cancer?

Digestive Problems: The Zombie Starvation DIEet

In studies where individuals ate only fast food for 30 days…they gained tremendous amounts of weight, yet were determined to be…undernourished…starving to death…

We have become a nation of…starving overweight individuals and whole families…where obesity is now the norm.

Fast food is junk food…dead food…zombie starvation food… Eat DEATH…BECOME DEATH… In a world where the zombie starvation diet has become the norm…the ‘fog-brained’ zombie is super-easy to program and control.

digestive problemsFast food, processed foods of every kind, including meat—the flesh of ‘dead things’ is the zombie brain-dis-ease—zombie addiction—the root cause of ‘brain fog,’ and the manifestation of every other dis-ease.

Digestive Problems: The False Paradigm Hue-man Computer Interface

But every dis-ease manifestation begins with a false set of beLIEfs—the interface between the body-brain and mind-consciousness connection. This is where bad eating habits, the manifestation of digestive problems, illnesses and diseases begin.

Fast food—junk food—processed food—manufactured foods of every kind, prescription drugs, illegal drugs, alcohol, nicotine, meat and unfiltered water are all the direct cause of digestive problems—gut-inflammation, and inflammation throughout the hue-manimal body.

Digestive Problems: The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics

Inflammation occurs in response to the 2nd Law ofdigestive problems Thermodynamics: Everything oxidizes—decaying over time. This is the basic law of Physics. Mountains become dust over the eons of time. Iron becomes rusted over mere decades and disintegrates over the passing centuries.

This same 2nd Law of Thermodynamics also applies to the hue-manimal body.

Digestive Problems: Your Fire Department

Consider the following: You have a Police Department—your immune system. You also have a Fire Department, very few understand and ever talk about.

  • What does your Fire Department do for you?

Your Fire Department has the direct responsibility for putting out the ‘fires of inflammation,’ ever-momentarily occurring throughout your body and brain.

Free Radicals—Metabolic Velcro

An example of this is walking down the street and breathing in carbon monoxide gas, as cars are passing by. The carbon monoxide inhaled into the lungs gets into the blood stream, creating ‘free radicals.’

  • What is a free radical?

We can explain a free radical as an oxygen atom that loses an electron.

  • What happens when an oxygen atom loses an electron?

As a free radical in the body, it will stick to anything. You might even view it as ‘Metabolic Velcro.’ These free radicals, when they stick to your insides, cause oxidation—rust. Oxidation—rusting—inside your body is the primary source of inflammation.

Digestive Problems: Organic Plant-Based Nutrient Intake Combats Free Radicals

When you are eating a whole foods plant-based daily nutrient intake, along with filtering your water, your body can handle these free radicals evenly, such as inhaling carbon monoxide while walking along a sidewalk on a busy street.

However, when you are eating a daily processed, junk, and fast foods, low to no nutrition intake, along with commercial meats and unfiltered water, it is like a Fire Truck back up to your home, when it is wildly burning out of control, raising the ladder (while another fireman is hooking up the hose to the hydrant), turning on the hose and…no water comes out. When there is no water to fight the fire, your home continues to burn to the ground.

When your body is operating in starvation mode—low to no nutrients available, your Fire Department is incapable of putting out your fires of inflammation raging throughout your body (your home.)

When you are one of the more fortunate individuals, you may have the chance to ‘rebuild your home’ by changing your beLIEfs, and consequently, changing your perception about the meaning of your life and your health.

When you are not so fortunate as to have a second chance, your body shuts down…you’re dead…

These are the ‘facts of life,’ individuals who act with intelligence by educating themselves regarding the taking of the direct control of their health, instead of giving their control away to medical doctors, and expecting the medical industry to ‘fix them, act upon before it is…too late…

Are you waiting until it is…too late…to turn your life and your health around 180 degrees—setting yourself upon the path toward optimal health and well-being?


2.2 The Problem with Today’s Health Management


2.0 Fight Disease with Food


Get 3 Simple Steps to
Better Health
& You'll Learn:

• The One Thing To Help You Flush Your Body,

• How to 'Fast Track' to More Energy, &

• What Foods Will Help Detox to Lose Weight
**We Respect Your Privacy - Your Information is Guaranteed Secure**

2.2 The Problem with Today’s Health Management

We live in a society where treatment rules over prevention, where the medical community shuns (or hides) natural treatments, and where consumers have to take matters into their own hands if they want to be educated about all of their options.

When it comes to your health, you need to know that you’re not at the mercy of your genetics and you don’t have to rely on drug treatments for everything.


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2.2 The Problem With Today’s Health Management

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