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Digestive Health Vs. Digestive Disease

Which One Feels Better to You?


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Perhaps 100+ million Americans who daily live with digestive disorders and diseases. You are likely one of them. This article explores the primary factors which contribute to digestive health and those which contribute to digestive disease.

In an ongoing study from Adventist Health, termed AHS-2, there are 96,000 participants from North America, along with a comparison group study, which began in 1993 involving 65,000 participants from the U.K.

These groups are called Cohorts involving health conscious individuals made up of meat eaters, and various grouping of vegetarians and vegan vegetarians, who also include meat, chicken, turkey, dairy and fish in their daily nutritional intake. The key to note is that they are all ‘health-conscious.’

“People in these health-conscious Cohorts, regardless of dietary group, die at about half the rate of the general population in their regions.”

It is important to understand that these Cohort of meat eaters compared to various Cohorts of different types of vegetarians and vegans is not representative of the general population, as they are not eating the traditional western DIEt which includes processed foods of every kind imaginable. Further, they are all compared to each other in the Cohorts, regardless of whether they smoke the same amount, drink the same amount or eat the same amount, have similar levels of education, or whether they are about the same age.

The studies are then controlling for what may be termed ‘confounding variables,’ and comparing to similar health-conscious individuals.

The differences then in cancer, heart disease and DIE-abetes, is much smaller when comparing individuals, who are similar, rather than when comparing to individuals, who are eating the standard western diet of processed foods.

Digestive Health and Cardiovascular Disease

These ongoing studies, about Cardiovascular Disease, reveal that health-conscious meat-eaters, when compared to the other Cohorts, showed that CVD rates were 32% lower in Lacto-Vegetarians – LOVs (those who included dairy and fish in their daily food regimens) and vegans combined in EPIC Oxford studies. Initially, the studies did not factor in body weight and body mass index, but when these were factored in, the percentage was still 28% lower CVD rates in the vegetarian and vegan Cohorts.

In the Adventist Health Study-2, the Cardio Vascular Disease rates were 42% lower among vegan men and 23% lower among LOV men. There were no significant differences noted among women meat-eaters and non-meat eaters. In other words, women developed CVD at the same rate in both groups. Similar health-conscious non-vegetarian studies revealed that the risk of hypertension was 75% lower in the vegan groups.

Digestive Health and Cancer

In the EPIC Oxford studies, cancer rates were 19% lower among vegans and 11% lower among LOVs than the health-conscious meat-eater group. In the AHS-2 studies cancer was 8% lower among vegans and 8% lower among LOVs.

Digestive Health and Diabetes

In the AHS2 studies the risk of developing Diabetes, when compared to similar, health-conscious non vegetarians was 62% lower among vegans and 38% lower among the LOVs.

There were and are ongoing many other comparisons where LOVs and vegans always and ever are at lower risk of developing disease.

Final Thoughts about Digestive Health Vs. Digestive Diseases

What these studies reveal to the astute mind is that the underlying cause of all disease both begins in the body-brain to mind-consciousness programmed system of beLIEfs and the consequent manifestation that takes place in daily types of automatic behavior regarding intake of the types of foods.

All digestive health and digestive dis-ease follows a very simple principle, which is also an equation:

When pure water, plus balanced intake of living foods, in a form that is readily digestible, is taken into the stomach, less energy is expended in digesting the food than the energy expended. The net result is the availability of an abundance of energy readily available for the 100+ trillion cells to replenish, heal, regenerate and rejuvenate=optimal health and well-being.

Inversely, when low to no-nutrition processed (dead) foods are taken into the stomach, they are in a form, which is not readily broken down, requiring excessive energy to digest them. The result is far greater energy expended than the net energy gained: the 100+ trillion cells in the body are now starving to death=digestive disorders and disease-manifestations, over time.

As always, what you choose to do with this information is entirely up to you. The wise individual, however, is willing to strive (make the effort) to change his and her beLIEfs—changing perception, and inevitably making lifestyle changes in daily behavioral patterns, leading to a daily whole food plant-based nutritional and pure water intake.

  • How do you change your habits of eating?
  • How do your eating habits determine gut and brain health?
  • What is the relationship between a digestive system in balance and one out of balance in relation to the manifesting of diseases or a life free of sickness?
  • What happens to this balance when you are ingesting poisons every day?
  • How do you achieve and maintain in balance good digestive health?

Stay Tuned…

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2.2 The Problem with Today’s Health Management


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Get 3 Simple Steps to
Better Health
& You'll Learn:

• The One Thing To Help You Flush Your Body,

• How to 'Fast Track' to More Energy, &

• What Foods Will Help Detox to Lose Weight
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2.2 The Problem with Today’s Health Management

We live in a society where treatment rules over prevention, where the medical community shuns (or hides) natural treatments, and where consumers have to take matters into their own hands if they want to be educated about all of their options.

When it comes to your health, you need to know that you’re not at the mercy of your genetics and you don’t have to rely on drug treatments for everything.


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2.2 The Problem With Today’s Health Management

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