You Are the Physician – Do NOT Try to Heal the World, until…

you are the physician

You Are the Physician

Do NOT Try to Heal the World, until You…Heal Yourself! And You Will NOT Heal Yourself, until You…Know Why You are…SICK!

“Human evolution and spiritual progress are hardly sufficient to enable all men to dispense with religious authority… But in this brotherhood of Jesus there is no place for sectarian rivalry, group bitterness, nor assertions of moral superiority and spiritual infallibility.” – The Urantia Book, Paper 195:10.14

The cities of the 21st century is the very manifestation of dysfunctionality… And they are…every one of them…doomed…in their current state of slow decay (more…)

specialzed skills - patient care

Specialized Skills, Cleverness and Circular Reasoning

specialized skills

Specialized Skills

A Vast Number of Individuals will be Repeating the Same Destructive Cycles Over and Over, Again, for the Whole of their Lives…

It will never occur to them to ever question why these same insanely repetitive, self-destructive cycles of behavior are continually occurring in their life path progress. This is the typical course of the tragic life lived on Urantia (Earth.)