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Cancer Risk, Emotions and Hue-man Bio-field Characteristics of Disease

The Body-Mind Connection and the Manifestation of Dis-ease


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Cancer Risk: The Body-Mind Connection

cancer riskThere may yet be only a handful of us, who are researching and discussing the body-mind connection.

  • What do I mean by the ‘body-mind connection’ or as I personally like to further clarify as the ‘body-brain to mind-consciousness connection?’

Some may readily say…” Well, your emotions likely make you sick.”

  • So, I ask you. Is this all there is to it? Your emotions are what make you sick?

Hardly are emotions, alone, all there is to the manifestation of illness and dis-ease. My exploration of this concept always begs the question:

  • Which came first—the emotions or the thought-image-stimulus for the emotional reaction?

I inevitably always conclude that it is the thought-image-stimulus for the emotional reaction which comes first.

In this article, however, let us focus primarily on what emotions are and how they affect women’s health and men’s health.

  • So, what are emotions?
  • Might we agree that some emotions are positive and beneficial in our day-to-day experiences?
  • Might we also agree that some emotions are negative and destructive in our day-to-day experiences?
  • In some social settings, for example, laughing is socially acceptable.
  • In other circumstances, laughing would be frowned upon. Because of inappropriate laughing, you might be socially isolated and banned from participation.
  • Crying, as another example, is considered a normally accepted act when we lose someone close to us.
  • Crying over every little even which does not go the way we assumed it should have happened is neither acceptable in public, within a family, and certainly not productive even when alone.

It is a fact that most of us do not have a smooth ride through life. There are always and ever ’emotional events.’ Our loved ones closest to us suddenly pass on. Sometimes these same individuals greatly disappoint us. Our deepest hopes and desires often disappear before our eyes with seemingly no hope of their ever returning to us or materializing again. We experience divorce, the loss of property, material goods, savings, a totally demolished vehicle, severe injuries, bankruptcy, and a host of other emotional events during our lives.

Cancer Risk: Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder is Running Rampant in 21st Century Cultures

The recent government-created wars in the Middle East have seen a significant number of our soldiers returning home with Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder (PTSD), receiving inadequate counseling and medical treatment, only to commit suicide within months to a few years. The emotional trauma experienced from the senseless killing of other of our fellow hue-man beings, not only can destroy the emotional well-being—the health of the individual returning home, the emotional trauma spills into the family like oil onto a field of maturing crops.

In 21st century cultures, it is not only the soldiers who are experiencing Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorders. Individuals throughout almost all cultures are experiencing PTSD-like symptoms.

  • What are these signs and symptoms of commonly diagnosed PTSD?
  • Avoiding almost all effort to think, let alone thinking clearly and through the daily challenges we face.
  • Avoidance of healthy activities; avoidance of all activities involving others.
  • Inability to remember both long-term and short-term memories.
  • Anhedonia
  • Feelings of being detached and isolated.
  • Feeling exhausted—lack of both energy and motivation.
  • Flash-backs.
  • Inability to sleep normally—waking up frequently and unable to get back into deep sleep.
  • Continual irritability.
  • Sudden outbursts of anger.
  • Hypervigilance.
  • Inability to concentrate.
  • Exaggerated and startled responses.
  • Intrusive thoughts—delusional periods.

It is a historically proven fact that pharmaceutical poisons (also called drugs) are ineffective at treating the symptoms of PTSD, whether in a veteran separating from the military or in non-military individuals faced with the emotional stresses of everyday living. Pharmaceutical poisons do not cure PTSD, nor do they prevent suicide.

Cancer Risk: Proper pH Balance and Healthy Cellular Biology

The 100 trillion plus cells in the hue-manimal body is designed for normal and healthy operations at a pH of 7.35 to 7.45. Everything that exists in this Infinite Mind-created Universe is based in physics; life itself is based in physics, not chemistry. Physics precedes chemistry and not the reverse. Consider, for example, what happens when a hydrogen atom joins to an oxygen atom to form water; they must exchange electrons. This moving exchange of electrons is governed by the laws of physics, not chemistry. The chemistry is always the result of physics.

I hope you are following me on this. Now consider that pH describes ‘voltage in a liquid.’

  • What is the significance of this?

Consider the fact that the wires that bring voltage into your home to run your lights and appliances is referred to as ‘conductive electricity.’ Conductive electricity is electrons running through a copper wire.

In the case of voltage in a liquid the liquid itself plays the role of either an electron donor or an electron stealer. A pH of 7.35 is the same as -20 millivolts of electron donor; a pH of 7.45 is -25 millivolts of electron donor. If you put an electrode inside the cell membrane and another one on the outside of the cell membrane, a pH voltmeter is register -90 millivolts.







+400 mV

0 mV

-400 mV


Remember that voltage in a liquid is pH. If the liquid inside the cell member is an electron stealer, a + sign is put in front of millivolts reading; if the liquid is an electron donor, a – sign is put in front of the millivolts output reading. You convert the measured voltage with a logarithmic scale, going from 0 to 14; this is commonly referred to as pH. So, an electron stealer reading of +400 is 0 pH and an electron donor has a -400 mV reading or pH of 14. The lights should now come on when I tell you that an electron which is neutral—neither a donor or a stealer—it has a reading of 7.0 pH. It should now be clearer that our cells are designed to run at 7.35 to 7.45 pH, –20 to –25 millivolts.

  • The fact is that cells must have energy to function properly or cancer risk skyrockets the longer you continue starving your cells.

What I am going to reveal next ought to leave you in shock.

  • A characteristic of all chronic dis-ease is inadequate cellular voltage.

When you manifest a so-called dis-ease in any part or organ in your body, it iscancer risk 2 because there is low voltage throughout your cells. In attempting to understand this, remember that cells need -25 millivolts of energy to function properly and -50 millivolts to create replacement cells.

When your body and brain are continually running on low—inadequate voltage, your body is rapidly wearing out—running down to its lowest common denominator—the complete cellular shutdown of all 100 trillion+ cells—death. Dis-ease is simply the manifold or myriad manifestations of this cellular breakdown and complete shutdown.

This is what I observe in most people with whom I come into contact daily—increasingly severe levels of internal and external (visible signs) of inflammation—swelling throughout the bodyindividuals whose cancer risk is high. Were I to go only by national statistics on dis-ease, I know, without doubt, and even without asking, I am observing an overwhelming number of individuals, who are already manifesting disease and premature death.

If you have read my words all the way to the end, you are likely one of the masses I have just described. You have given away most or all your personal power to the medical-for-profit industry (doctors are the direct entry points into this for-profit mass corporate structure, which is controlled by the mega pharmaceutical giants). When you give your power away to anyone, you are, in effect, are that individual’s, business’s or corporation’s slave. You no longer may make your own decisions regarding your health; you are, in effect…powerless…




Timothy Ray Walls

The Author, Timothy Ray Walls, began writing in High School, continuing on at University, and has never stopped writing. His books and publications are available, as well as a broad based University Education Training program in the Categories of Healthy Living, Self-Development, and Inner Balance, at:

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