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Timothy Ray Walls


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When life’s circumstances knock you down and you’re lying there on the floor feeling beaten up, always remember one thing:

  1. Pick yourself up. 
  2. Never allow someone else to pick you up.
  3. Lie there as long as it takes to recover.
  4. Then get up.
  5. Dust yourself off.
  6. Learn from the experience and move on.

There is no substitute in life for the hue-man experience of trial and error, failure, feeling beaten down and getting back up on your own two feet; these are the values which correct and maintain true course–will take you to your final goal and destination…the master of self and attainment to true character. –Timothy Ray Walls


What I wrote, above, is everything important you could ever need to know about the character of the personality that I am. In 1979, I made the conscious choice to begin living a ‘principled life,’ a life devoted to increasing self-correction, self-control, self-direction and self-mastery. I spent three years reprogramming myself out of a life of a false paradigm system of beLIEf and continual ill health, into a truer paradigm of healthier living, and a sickness-free lifestyle.

This principled life of increasing self-discipline, healthy living, and a sickness-free lifestyle has characterized my life for the last thirty-six years. And the principles I chose to live by, decades ago, continue to characterize my life, today, and for the duration of the time, I will continue to experience within the hue-manimal bio-suit.


Each of the Courses I build is my original writings. Almost all will be podcast. Experience the power of what I have to share with you, based on 46 years of reading and study of The Urantia Book, a myriad of other books, and a lifetime of principle-based experiencing and decision-making–life-changing and self-transforming ideas, organized into a baby steps approach.

To your optimal well-being and a sickness-free lifestyle,

timothy r wallsTimothy Ray Walls





My Happiness Trip.

The Answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything…

42. Ever since my fourth grade class read (by the teacher) Douglas Adams’ Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, I’ve had a fascination with the answers to the world. Particularly how one author could proclaim THE ANSWER to the meaning of everything. Google supports this theory. Try it – type ‘the answer to life the universe and everything’ and viola… 42.

My mother, it being Mother’s day and all, along with my father are to thank for giving me a platter (or third level, indoctrination, etc.) based in love.

After rebuilding an existence from tragedy, I have figured it all out. For me at least…. I’m kidding. In fact, quite the opposite has been the flow as of late (May, 2018). Ominous skies loom over a building storefront while amazing, radiant sunshine showers down onto a family and passers by. I love life.

Little breaks of following my fancy – a form of happiness trip – have become more common, until one day, I loved my life. Every second. It all started with my own personal self-empowerment. Every second is to me what Tim means when he says ‘ever-momentary.’

You choose. Everything, always, even if you refuse, you choose. That’s the meaning of life to me. My ’42.’ Jackie Robinson’s number, by the way. He may have been as important as Martin Luther King, Jr.

‘I want’ has replaced need, have to, and gotta in my awareness. Living a principled life can be a pain in the ass, for me that means food. As a health club salesman I started to become more and more aware of the choices humans make and who is to blame, although blame is in itself a horribly low energy feeling.

How low energy is blame? Exactly 30 on Hawkins’ scale with 200 being the switch to positive of ‘courage’, and topping out at 1000 with ‘bliss.’ Pretty low. Blame is last in line after shame and judgement. I digress.

Competition consumes many who have not chosen to live in a higher energy state, as it did mine for years. I played baseball at a high level and compete as a disc golf professional. A move toward cooperation has been my preference since rebuilding.

My mother was murdered in 2002, forcing that rebuild. It took a few years to get back to normal, then came the questions. Why am I really here? What is my responsibility in this life, destiny if you will? How do I change the world?

Many answers appeared. Few stuck. Although there is a best answer in most situations, there is never only one answer. If you are truly here to grow, welcome. For some the timing won’t be ideal, but I urge you, do something, anything to NOT stay stuck on any one answer. And, unsolicited advice is worth what it costs.

Don’t take my word for any of this. Go experience it for yourself.

Jordan, the Email Guy

May, 2018
Boise, Idaho