3 steps to better health

3 Steps to Better Health

Begins with Healthy Thinking…

Have You Ever Slowed Down Long Enough to

More Deeply Consider the Reality of

the…Mind-Body Connection?

3 Steps to Better Health: It seems so ever true that success or failure in an individual’s thinking is some formidable challenge…a metaphorical ninety degree scale vertically to the top of an internal K2 challenge in order to effect the desired changes in one’s life…an impossibility…for the untrained and unskilled emotional -mental-spiritual climber.

3 Steps to Better Health–Failure and Success

Failure doesn’t happen overnight…neither does success…

Most people I have ever known, including myself, were…programmed to fail… And that, my friend, is the bare naked truth.

The majority of us never ever stop long enough to really think more deeply about the failure attitudes programmed into us, especially during the first eight years of life, and the resultant daily fear-based negative thinking and poor dietary habits, which we ever fail to question. The question is simple: why do I think fearful and negative thoughts and eat such poor quality foods?

  • In reality…what is failure?

The average person likely considers failure to be a…lack of success. However, the following definition is closer to the truth…

  • The omission of expected or required action.

Success or failure in the littlest, as well as the biggest undertakings, challenges and goals of human experience directly depend on taking the expected or required action steps.

The deeper significance, in terms of the reality of the mind-body connection is whether there is an attained experience of realizing one’s potentials, in any endeavor, becoming…ACTUAL…or remaining…POTENTIAL

3 Steps to Better Health: Achieving a One Hundred and Eighty-degree Flip

The most grand, and indeed, profound change I have ever experienced in over six decades of living was in 1982, when I chose–made the decision to begin saying…I am well

Yes, I did not immediately experience experience a profound change; there was no…’instant miracle’…of improved health. The magic–what I now refer to as…’spiritual alchemy’…was in the…daily repetition…of the word-phrase ‘I am well.’

The more I consistently said ‘I am well,’ each and every day…the more these words began to take on a life of their own.

If you want to learn more about my spiritual and philosophical daily habits of highest mind-vibration thinking, and daily health habits… Start Here.

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